The Buznats Story

The story of Buznats starts right here in Victoria, where there has never been a shortage of rotaries but a definite absence of a true rotary community. That’s when Daniel (BUZING) brought the Vic Rotors Club to life.

Since 2015 the club has grown and evolved into the great online platform it is today. A place for members to communicate with others, organise cruises and mostly have a sense of belonging.

A prime example of the clubs doings is the great friendship made between Daniel and club member Dean.

Dean (GENONE) shares the same passion of wanting to see the community grow and strengthen as well as always having the dream of creating a huge rotary event.

Together with Daniel and Leon Rosairo we are set out to make this the biggest rotary event in Victoria, hoping to attract all rotary enthusiasts and workshops from around Australia.

With the support of our sponsors and rotor community this will no doubt be an event to remember.

Welcome to Buznuts 2021.

See you at the track.

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